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Tail Coat

The Tail Coats have been one the most unique and sophisticated types of clothes. Since their origination in the 18th century, they were first used as an ensemble convenient for horse riding. Then later became one of the most formal dresses of all time in the 19th century. A tailcoat is a knee-length coat characterized by the back section of the skirt, with the front of the skirt cut away. 

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With the Rjackets, we're here to provide you with our best collection of Tail Coats that will not only let you exude modern sophistication but also effortlessly showcase its elegance and luxury that will seemingly let you stand out. At the same time, the tailcoats were often worn by conductors during the musical orchestra by today's standards. They're also a part of TV shows, movies, and formal dress codes. Hence, Real Jacket is here to provide you with everything with high-quality standards and properties. 


Not only have our tailcoats withstood the test of time. But we also assure you that our tailcoats are highly reliable and come with affordability. Our products have been meticulously tailored to perfection with the highest quality materials. 


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Bridgerton Colin Bridgerton Tail Coat

Luke Newton Tail Coat

The Luke Newton Tail Coat is an astonishing piece of clothing that exudes its effortless elegance with a touch of luxury that makes it an ideal pick for any formal occasion. Its sleek velvet fabric, lapel-style collar, and button closure elevate its overall professional look, making it a perfect choice for weddings and such events.

Ben Miller Bridgerton Green Tailcoat

Ben Miller Green Tailcoat

The Ben Miller Green Tailcoat is a flabbergasting outerwear that commands attention with its sophisticated design. It is crafted with a premium soft wool blend, ensuring its effortless comfort. While at the same time, its versatile green color allows it to pair with any outfit. As it steals everyone's attention, letting you easily stand out. 

Bridgerton Beige Tailcoat

Regé-Jean Page Beige Tailcoat


The Regé-Jean Page Beige Tailcoat is a flattering clothing ensemble that showcases a bold, daring look. At the same time, offering a sense of casualty with its charming beige color. Not only does this tailcoat has been tailored with high-quality cotton, but its versatile beige color lets you pair it with formal and informal outfits. 


In summary, here at Real Jackets, we will provide you with everything with our Men's Tail Coat Collection. Since its origins, tailcoats have withstood and remained trendy clothing exclusively worn at formal events. Not only they're sophisticated pieces of clothing but also a piece of luxury that effortlessly showcases its elegance. Thus now is the time to get one of these here at Rjackets. A place where you'll find quality and reliability with affordability with no problems whatsoever. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a tailcoat?

A tailcoat is a man's formal coat with a long skirt divided back into tails and cut away in front.


How do I correctly measure myself for a tailcoat?

You can measure a tailcoat by using a previously owned jacket or coat. You can also manually measure your chest, waist, and length with tape. 


What is the difference between a tailcoat and a morning coat?

A tailcoat is a short, double-breast closure coat with long tails and lapels for formal evening events. At the same time, a morning coat is a long, single-breasted coat with curved fronts and no lapels, worn for formal daytime occasions.


Can women wear tailcoats, or are they exclusively for men?

While tailcoats are commonly worn by men, in today's fashion era, women can indeed wear tailcoats. Whether for formal occasions, such as weddings or balls, or fashionable styles, such as steampunk, gothic, or circus.


What are some popular accessories to complement a tailcoat ensemble?

Here is a list of some of the accessories worn with a tailcoat,

  • Bow tie
  • Waistcoat
  • Boutonniere
  • Socks
  • Leather Shoes
  • Cufflinks


How do I wash a tailcoat?

While it is advised not to dry clean a tailcoat unless necessary, there are ways to clean it without damaging the fabric. Use a clothing brush to wipe off the dust and dap the stains with a damp cloth and mild detergent. You can also hang it in a ventilated area.


Is tailcoat still in trend?

The tailcoats are still one of the most formal and elegant pieces of clothing for formal occasions.