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The Punisher Costume

The punisher

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The Punisher Costume

Again, Marvel Comics surprised their fans with a mafia thriller movie, aka The Punisher, a fictional antihero appearing in American comic books. The fans well-loved the movie. However, what amazes the fans is the astonishin The Punisher costume.

The Punisher  

FrancisFrankCastle shows that he is an Italian-American vigilante who commits murder, kidnapping, extortion, threats of violence, and torture against criminals. As a result of witnessing a murder in Central Park, the Punisher's wife and children have been murdered by the mob, prompting him to wage a one-man war on crime with various weapons. 

The Punisher starred Frank Castle as the main character wearing one of the signature outfit embezzling a skull on it, which helped him depict his tit for tat nature. His costume from the Tv Series Costumes is the foremost leading outerwear in The Punisher Jackets collection, and John Travolta is Howard Saint, the money launderer who slays down the castle family. This exhilarating, dark action film is based on a comic book series which was later released on the Netflix. It revolves around FBI agent Frank Castle, who becomes a vengeful punisher after the murder of his family members, including his wife and son.

The Real Jackets introduce The Punisher Jacket Sale for all the fantastic fans of marvel comics. Our collection includes all the signature outfits of the leading characters and the elegant outwear of side characters. 

Real Jackets makes sure that all our movie outwears are manufactured with premium quality material. Our craftsman is highly skilled and always focuses on the small details of the apparels to provide a premium quality product to serve our customers with the best possible experience. Moreover, our Men's Collection comes with the most affordable prices available on the internet.    

Punisher Logo


Intimidating and controversial, The Punisher costume logo is as unique as Frank Castle. Skull is the symbol of the punisher. Representing fear and death. Moreover, it's the symbol of the injustice returning to criminals.  

Signature outfits from The Punishers Costume Collection

Undoubtedly, The Punisher Jacket are elegant, and each outerwear represents a different story. However, there are ones that symbolize the main character of The Punisher's movie.  

Frank Castle The Punisher Jon Bernthal Black Leather Trench Coat

Jon Bernthal Punisher Black Coat

Jon Bernthal Punisher Black Coat is an amazing the Punisher Costume With the small entails, this coat could be astonishingly proven to be a staple in your closet. The coat carries the exquisite details of The Punisher's character that would enhance the wearer's persona in a revenging way. 

Frank Castle The Punisher Thomas Jane Black Skull Leather Jacket

The Punisher Thomas Jane Black Skull Jacket

This is one of the signature outfits of the leading character.The Punisher Thomas Jane Black Skull Jacket is remarkably a premium Leather Jacket that symbolizes nature with death and fear with the help of skull embezzlement on the front.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the punisher about?

On the orders of Howard Saint, Johnny Saint and Quentin Glass massacre the entire family of Gulf War veteran and former FBI agent Frank Castle. Howard's widow Livia asked for this to be done as a form of revenge for the death of their other son, Bobby. When Castle survives the ordeal, he decides to seek revenge against those responsible for his family's murder.

What rifle did frank castle use for the final assualt?

He used an M4A1 carbine, with an M203 grenade launcher mounted underneath.

Why did saints blame castle for killing their son?

In part, the Saints are blaming Castle because the deal between Bobby, Mickey and the Russians was handled by Otto Krieg. However, it was actually FBI agent Frank Castle who handled the deal. Saints argued Castle was the reason the three of them were all working together, and therefore the reason Bobby was killed. Furthermore, the Russians were all dead, so only “Krieg” was to blame.