Lady Glitter Sparkles: An Informative Guide

lady glitter sparkles

Lady Glitter Sparkles: An Informative Guide Trolls’ Bridge

When it comes to animation, it is no wonder that everyone thinks it is an ideal form of entertainment. Just like that, most 3D animated movies are a ride full of joy for watchers, often intended for kids, even adults have taken a liking to such films. One of the most compelling movie series, without a doubt, is Trolls. It is a musical/family movie with a light and heartwarming tale. 

It features the voices of Anna Kendrick as Poppy, Justin Timberlake as Branch, and Zooey Deschanel as Bridget. This movie has top-notch voice actors. Likewise, Bridget, who is one of the major characters in the film, outshines the most, also known by the name Lady Glitter Sparkle. She’s an optimistic person with high spirits. 

So, if you’re a fan of this movie, a cosplayer, or someone who admires this character, then, in this blog, we’ll tell you about Bridget, from her story to her clothing techniques, so without any delay, let’s get right into this.

Who is Bridget in Trolls?

Bridget is a kind-hearted girl who has appeared in movies and several franchise spin-offs. She serves as the dishwasher and a scullery maid to the Chef, who is her boss, and a mean-spirited persona who serves as the primary antagonist of the film. 

In contrast, we learn more about her personality and her crush when she sings a song that involves King Gristle Jr. of the Bergens.  

What was Lady Glitter Sparkles Role in the Movies?

Lady Glitter Sparkles

Similar to the fact, the story of Bridget took its inspiration from Cinderella, a famous fairy tale character. The love story of Cinderella revolves around Prince Charming, Bridget finds herself in the same situation since she is in love with Gristle. 

Love & Marriage with The King

Never bothered about the King’s hideous appearance, her feelings remained unfazed. When the duo first met, Bridget was introduced as Lady Glitter Sparkles to the King. As the duo started to spend their time together, Bridget chose to remain silent. 

But after time had passed, Gristle had a realization that he had feelings for her when he learned Bridget and Trolls Lady Glitter Sparkle are the same person. Soon, he proposed to her, and the couple began to live their happy life after marriage. 

trolls lady glitter sparkle

Befriending with Poppy

The second most noteworthy thing about Bridget is how she befriended Poppy. Bridget is a Bergen, and it is in their customs to eat trolls, but unlike the rest, Bridget is a soft-hearted person, just like Queen Poppy, who is another optimistic person. 

Both had varying thoughts about each other when they first met, but their similar personality led to a belief that none of them were evil as they quickly became friends. Their friendship was so meaningful that it created a peaceful treaty between the Bergens and Trolls. 

What does Bridget Lady Glitter Sparkle Wear?


Regarding Bridget’s Styling, other bergens don’t find her attractive at all, and the reason behind that is her short height. The only person who loved her for her looks was only King Gristle. But if we were to talk about her role in the franchise, there was no one else who was better and brighter than Bridget. Likewise, her appearance is in grey and purple tones. 

Moreover, as we know, her behavior is more unusual than other bergens. She also has unique traits. Her facial features include pink cheeks and short purple hairs with a pigtail tied to a pink rubber band. She has a grey unibrow, a small nose with light green colors, and her eyes are light red and pinkish with a yellow sclera. 

How Can I Dress Like Queen Bridget?

In order to complete Lady Glitter Sparkles Outfit, you’ll need a pink dress with a lacy collar and half-length sleeves. In contrast, the dress features a dirty apron attached to it. While the bottoms, she wears white underpants exclusive to women. She wears a pair of lacy socks with pink Mary Jane shoes with a flower buckle in yellow color. 

That is how you can complete her outfits and appearance, But if you want to cosplay as Queen Bridget, you can buy her costume from here. 

Suiting like her is an excellent idea for parties and conventional events since it is a unique and tricky piece to dive into in the character’s spirit. 


To conclude all the facts covered in this blog, Trolls is a fantastic movie franchise with a musical fantasy story. It is not only intended for kids but also for adults to enjoy a compelling tale of Bergens and Trolls. While both sides remain opposite, Bridget is an optimistic girl who is known as Lady Glitter Sparkles in Trolls, she marries King Gristles and befriends Queen Poppy, which closes the bridge between the two races. It Inspires the watchers with passionate screenwriting and musical energy. Furthermore, we’ve also discussed her look and appearance so fans can cosplay just like her. So, if you’re a fashion enthusiast or partying lover, trying this costume is a must. 

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People Often Ask 

Who is Lady Glitter Sparkles?

Lady Glitter Sparkles is the nickname of Bridget, a significant character in the movie Trolls, who is inspired by the story of Cinderella. 

Who is Lady Glitter Sparkles’ boyfriend?

King Gristle Jr. is the boyfriend of the Lady Glitter Sparkles in the Trolls.

What is Bridget’s age in Trolls?

Lady Bridget, the Queen of Bergens, is said to be over 22. 

Who voices Lady Glitter Sparkles?

Lady Glitter Sparkles, also known as Bridget, is voiced by Zooey Deschanel in the 3D animation, while Kari Wahlgren voices her in the 2D spin-off.

How to make a Lady Glitter Sparkles wig?

The DIY Lady Glitter Sparkles wig is a tricky one to make, and it is recommended to buy one from an online store. Here are some steps to create an identical wig like hers. 

  • Get a rainbow wig that fits nicely on the head.
  • Comb it well, and use pins and clips to design its shape.
  • Mix hair gel, shampoo, and glitters to add the effects.
  • Brush the wig properly.
  • Trim the bangs to suit your needs.

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