Who was Chrissy Cunningham in Strangers Things?

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The mainstream media continues to evolve rapidly. If we compare the movies and TV shows from the pre-90s with today’s era, there’s a vast difference in stories, casts, music, screenwriting, computer-generated graphics, and cinematography. Just like that, Netflix’s series Strangers Things is one of the most exciting dramas of all time. 

Having an adorable cast with more than four seasons, this series remains one of the most anticipated shows by fans. Similarly, this contemporary drama blends supernatural suspense with teenage romance, which delivers an impactful story that immerses the viewers. 

Just like that, one of the most unique characters was Chrissy Cunningham, who debuted in the fourth season of Strangers Things. She was a seventeen-year-old teenager, portrayed by Grace Van Dien. This is why, in this blog, we’ll discuss Chrissy’s role in the series as we look deeper. 

Biographical Overview of Chrissy Stranger Things

Chrissy Stranger Things S04 Hoodie

Born in 1968, Chrissy Cunningham was the daughter of Laura and Phillip Cunningham, who lived in the midwestern town of Hawkins, Indiana. She was a student at Hawkins Middle School, which she enrolled in 1979, around the age of ten or eleven. The girl rapidly gained popularity as a cheerleader as she took part in the academy’s talent show along with her friend Eddie Munson, a guitarist of the metal band Corroded Coffin. 

The life of Chrissy was going very smoothly, as she became a lead member of the cheerleader squad. With time, her popularity spread through the entire school as she earned the title Queen of Hawkins High and dated the Basketball team’s captain, Jason Carver. 

Indeed, Chrissy had an ideal life at school. But this was all her persona because, from the inside, she was a depressed teenager. Her mother’s scolding made her Anorexic, as she struggled with too much pressure, which overwhelmed her beyond an extent. 

What Did Chrissy Stranger Things Wear?

Now that we understand that Chrissy had some profound things going on in her life, the second thing that fans question most is what she wears. To simplify it, she wore a sleeveless cheerleader costume in shades of green. At the same time, the suit bore the printed logo of the cheering squad. 

Likewise, Grace Van Dien wore this outfit for most of the screen time and sometimes with a hoodie with Chrissy’s embroidered name. So, for those who have quite an interest in cosplaying as her or simply want cute clothes to make yourself look more adorable, here’s a costume for you to dress yourself up with, 

Chrissy Stranger Things Costume

Chrissy Stranger Things Costume

The Chrissy Stranger Things Costume is a lovely piece ensemble that offers a chic look. It’s a neat design and defines your personality, giving a more magnetic allure. Similarly, it uses soft fleece fabric to ensure it is light, flexible, smooth, and cozy. 

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Chrissy Stranger Things S04 Hoodie

The Stranger Things S04 Grace Van Dien Hoodie is an immaculate piece that offers an ideal blend of style and functional ease. This excellent fabric combines versatility and comfort to display outdoor swag. It features a zipper fastening, long sleeves with rib-knitted cuffs, and a hooded collar to whole its timeless profile to make it stand out. 

Chrissy’s Suffering and Demise

Chrissy’s Suffering and Demise

As time passed, Chrissy’s mental health seemingly deteriorated to the point she had become a drug addict. She would see a humanoid creature calling for her from an alternate dimension in her hallucinations. 

It was the work of the Vecna, who serves as the main antagonist of season four of the series. Having the ability to prey on their victim’s trauma, he psychologically attacks Chrissy by putting her in trance mode, shapeshifting into her mother to taunt her, as she had to lock herself in a bathroom. As the creepy voices call out to her, the demon breaks the door and kills her.

As her eyes burst out, her limbs and jaws twisted in a horrendous way. The girl had finally met her demise by Vecna. 

What happened After Chrissy’s Death?

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After Chrissy’s death, her body was discovered in Eddie’s vehicle by the people as the people of Hawkins went in shock, filling everyone’s hearts with fear and dread. But similar to the fact, the townsmen began speculating about what had happened and how she had died. And since the only one who was closest to her was Eddie during her final moments. Leading to a consideration of him being the prime suspect in her murder. 

These turns of events made Eddie run for his life away from the town, as the people thought he used a satanic ritual to kill Chrissy. An extensive manhunt had begun against him by the people and Chrissy’s boyfriend. Later, he was found under a tarp of a dock house of Reefer’s Rick home by Steve, Max, Dustin, and Robin.

Long Story Short, 

Chriss Cunningham was a kind-hearted girl who was adored by all of her friends at Hawkins School. Being known as the queen and leader of the cheering squad, she was no doubt popular beyond anyone else. Not to mention, she had a unique and attractive sense of fashion. But this was just how she was from the outside. From the inside, she had another life full of traumatizing experiences. Vecna saw it as an opportunity to destroy her life as he slowly killed her. 

We hope that this biographical article is helpful for dear readers. Check out our Who Was A Penny In The Top Gun? if you want to read more informative articles about movies and TV series characters.

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