End to end security is what customer expect to build trust.We are all up to build and maintain the trust between R Jackets and You. There are certain FAQs which are answered below to help you out in the cause.

What’s the basic information RJackets need about its customers?

We’ll only be asking for your name,contact, posting address, email once you have placed an order after signing up at our websites. Though visiting and discovering the site doesn’t require your private information to input.

What RJackets need from their customers?

We just need your valuable feedback.Your critics and feedback will surely serve as a staircase to our success.
Your put Ins will surely help us improve our customer services and to be more effective in providing them.

How we protect your private information?

A lot of security checks are placed and implemented for safety purposes.You can submit your information only by logging in to our website.

For better transaction entails we use a secure server.Your credit card number and PayPal account number is secured and encrypted.We have a sound digital marketing system which only allows access to your information by our very trusted onboard members.

Once your transaction has been done,we assure to delete credit card numbers. Although,we keep your email address and contact numbers for our evaluations later on.

Are we using cookies?

Yeah, we are using cookies.Cookies serve the purpose of letting service provider recognize you later and restore the information
We will remember your shopping cart and will save you from the pain of doing it again.

Do we sell your information to this industry?

Not at all!We are very strict in these terms.We never breach our contracts. We know these things play a big role in spoiling company and customer relationship.Our site is not accessible by the children aged under 13.

Do you agree?

By logging into your website, we’ll consider you agreeing to our policies and terms.

How to get more information?

Just drop us an email and we’ll respond the earliest we can. Otherwise, have us through our Facebook page.