How to Style A Denim Jacket

men's Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket: Mastering the Art of Stylishness

In the modern world, fashion is all about styling yourself with contemporary dresses, and amongst them, the Denim Jacket remains one of the most timeless staples that have exceptional traits of stylishness and versatility that make you stand out the most at any casual event or gathering


Built with a sturdy shape while featuring an iconic look. The Denim Shirt Jacket has been one of the most vital clothing for any person’s wardrobe, be it a man or a woman, since it is considered to be a symbol of rebellious swag, freedom, and independence. 


But how does one make itself look good in denim? This is why in this blog, we’ll guide you through all the information you may need about the denim jacket, whether you want to know about its origins or need a guide on how to wear them with various clothes in different seasons. 


History and Evolution of Denim Jackets 

men's Denim Jacket

The Mens Denim Jackets were first originated in the 1880s in America by the German businessman Levi Strauss. It features a suave blend of twilled cotton fabrics with a thick design and rugged look. Ever since their creation, they’ve withheld against time itself on their own, never going out of the trend. And up until this day, the demand for Jeans jackets remains high. 


Initially, these jackets were worn by the cowboys giving them a rebellious charm, but it wasn’t too long until Hollywood actors got a grasp of it. In the 1950s, James Dean was the first person who wore to represent the angst of the USA’s Youth. But from time to time, their popularity started to spread widely as they became a common choice for daily lifestyle wear, even for women.


The Versatile Types of Denim Jacket

Women's Denim Jackets

While the History of Denim Jacket does tell us about its rich origins and immaculate craft right now, you might be wearing a denim jacket or searching for one. But do you know about their types? Not all denim jackets look the same, each type of Jeans jacket has its own distinctive look and properties, such as the decorative Rhinestone Denim Jacket. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the most demanding and contemporary designs. 


Here is the list of modern denim outerwear for both men and women. 


Classic Denim Jacket: It is a simple and vintage-looking apparel that has an ideal length, with double front chest pockets, a shirt collar, vertical seams, side sacks, a buttoned closure, and cuffs. 


Cropped Denim Jacket: They’re one of the most demanding and stylish pieces they’re identical to classic ones but have a short length and are worn mainly by women. 


Cowboy Denim Jacket: Similar to classic ones but have a unique large spreaded collar with rounded pockets which makes them stylized with a special appearance and popularity amongst the rancheros.


Combo Denim Jacket: It is a unique jacket that comprises denim, but it has a hood and sleeves of various colors. Its sleeve and hood are often made from soft cotton or light fleece.


Boyfriend Denim Jacket: These jackets are exclusive to women only, showcasing a masculine shape. They’re sometimes called ex-boyfriend jackets. In contrast, they have a slightly oversized and baggy shape, which makes them more appealing. 


Trucker Denim Jacket: It is a traditional outerwear with an original design from the 1960s. These are similar to classic ones but have a slim fit and more tailored detailings. 


Shearling Denim Jacket: These are extremely warm and stylish jackets with shearling furs on their interiors and collars that give a cozy feeling in the winter. 


Seasonal Layering and Styling Tips for Denim Jacket 

Denim Jacket

It is easy to understand that denim has ideal universal traits that mix and match with various casual garments. At the same time, denim can be worn in any season, from summer to winter. For example, the Black Cropped Denim Jacket works with anything anywhere. Therefore, it allows fashionistas to create chic and stunning clothes with attractive silhouettes from day-to-night transitions. 


Likewise, denim jackets come in many styles and colors, such as blue, white, grey, etc. Hence giving limitless options to males and females to adapt with indefinite pieces and accessories. 


Here are some styling tips and techniques on how to pair a denim jacket for both men and women. 

How to style a Denim Jacket For Men & Women

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Pairing of Denim Jackets For Men

Here are some combinations you can try with Men’s Classic, Cowboy, Trucker, Hooded Denim Jackets, and many more.


  • White shirt, Black Chinos, Sneakers
  • White shirt, Blue Jeans, Sneakers 
  • White shirt, Grey Shorts, Sneakers
  • Grey Hoodie, Black Chinos, Sneakers
  • Black Sweatshirt, Blue Jeans, Sneakers 


Additional Notes: You can also pair it with accessories like beanies, watches, hats, and sunglasses.

Pairing of Denim Jackets For Women

Denim Jackets

Here are some styles you can combine with classic, boyfriend, combo, and Womens Cropped Denim Jacket, etc


  • Black shirt, Black Skirt, Sandals 
  • White Cropped Tank, Short Jeans, Flip-Flops 
  • White Shirt, Black Skinny Jeans, Leather Boots
  • Grey Hoodie, White Jeans, Sneakers
  • Black Sweatshirt, Blue Jeans, High-Heels


Additional Notes: You can also pair it with accessories like beanies, handbags, jewellery, and sunglasses.


Which Denim Jacket is Right for You?

The greatest thing about Denim Jackets is that they’re easy to afford, warm, thick, and breathable. At the same time, it has a wide variety of selections to choose from, whether you need a Lightweight Denim Jackets or a heavyweight one. 


Here are some of our recommended picks to check out from us at Rjackets, 


Charles Washed Slim Denim Jacket

Charles Washed Slim Denim Jacket

Grey and versatile, this lovely slim-fit jacket for men has sharp seams, a shirt collar and front chest pockets. That describes its stylishness since it has the ability to blend with various clothes regardless of the events or venues.


Buy the Charles Washed Slim Denim Jacket 


Women’s Flame Denim Jacket

Vetements Flame Denim Jacket

Bold and fiery, this classic piece has exotic prints in black while it has precise and lovely detailing. Similarly, it has pockets, a button front, and shirt like a collar, that nicely mixes and matches to give a casual dapper look while exuding feminine charm. 


Buy the Women’s Flame Denim Jacket


True Religion Chief Keef Jacket

True Religion Chief Keef Jacket

It is a dazzling and sophisticated garment for both men and women by the premium brand true religion. It features exquisite dark tones with neat details and print that will make you the talk of every casual gathering with its impressive design. 


Buy the True Religion Chief Keef Jacket


How to Wash a Denim Jacket?

Women Denim Jacket

It is mandatory to check out the manufacturer’s label guide for specific care and maintenance instructions. Furthermore, here are some tips to maintain your Jeans jacket. 

Use of Natural Detergents

Many detergents nowadays carry toxic chemicals which can harm the quality of a fabric. This could lead us to loosen the sturdy feel of the fabric’s quality and make the color lose its vividness, So use only a tiny amount of washing liquid/soap. 

Use Cold Water to Wash

It is recommended for denim to be washed with cold water since warm water can cause it to shrink and it also fades denim. Also, it is better to hang your denim jacket in the fresh air. This will keep your denim jacket fresh for longer without losing its original tones. 



To summarize all the facts we’ve covered, Jeans jackets are astounding outerwear that offers a vast range of types to choose from. It has a stunning origin history that speaks of its craft and popularity. Furthermore, they’re a versatile choice that works mainly at any season or event stylishly. In addition, they’re available at a reasonably fair price so that anyone can afford it, if you want to learn more about Custom Denim Jackets or want to purchase one. Explore our category of Denim Jackets for men and also check out for women

Questions Often Asked

Are Denim Jackets Still in Fashion? 

Denim jackets are timeless pieces that are always in high demand, even from the looks of it. These outerwear will be in the trend for the next ten years. Since they’re available in various types and can be styled in numerous ways.

Where Can I Buy the Right Denim Jackets?

There are many sites and brands for buying a denim jacket, from Balenciaga denim jacket to Boohooman and many more. But here at Rjackets, you’ll find all the luxurious clothing articles at a fair price without any compromise on their quality. 

How to Dye a Jeans Jackets?


Here are some steps on how to dye a denim jacket,


  • Get all the supplies and two tubs, one with clean water and the other where you’ll mix all the chemicals and solutions.
  • Use rubber gloves and an apron for safety.
  • Soak the jacket in hot water to smoothen its wrinkles.
  • Now in another tub, add a cup of salt and 5ml detergent for a professional dye.
  • Then add a liquid dye after shaking it well, if you want to achieve a dark color then add up to 120 ml or more. 
  • Test the dye with a paper towel.
  • Squeeze out the excess water from the wet jacket and dip it in the dye bath.
  • Gently stir the jacket for the next 10 minutes.
  • You can keep the jacket for thirty minutes up to an hour, depending on what type of color you desire. 
  • When the desired color is achieved remove the excess water from the jacket.
  • Use a fixative to stop the color bleeding. 
  • Rinse in cool water and then wash with mild detergent and dry.

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